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We believe that education is a fundamental human right. It gives people the ability to improve all aspects of their life and opens doors to greater freedom of choice. That is why since 1985 we have been organising projects that help to develop educational facilities in poorer, more challenging areas of the world.

To do this, we offer young people, from the UK, the opportunity to get involved in school building projects in developing countries in Africa and Asia. Some of the 15 different countries we have worked in are: Ghana, Kenya, India, Tanzania, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Uganda. This opportunity allows participants to experience the cultures of other communities and the day to day reality of their lives. View Our Projects

We believe our unique approach helps to benefit all parties. We provide concrete learning facilities for local communities, whilst offering unforgettable and meaningful experiences for participants.

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Why Join Lasallian Projects?

By joining the Lasallian community, you can help to make a meaningful difference to the lives of some of the less privileged children in our world.

Our programmes offer you the chance to:

  • GAIN a new perspective –living, sharing and working with local people in a different culture.
  • GROW as a person – work with new people, develop new skills and see our world from a different perspective.
  • GIVE back to a community in need – providing the less fortunate with a place to receive a good education and access to an improved standard of living

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Why Support Lasallian Projects

By joining our community as a supporter, you can help to make a life changing impact on the lives of children around the world. We use donations in ways which will benefit a local community for generations to come. We depend on the support of donors to continue our work in addition to the contributions made by those participating in our projects. We are very grateful for one-off donations, but regular direct debit contributions enable us to plan effectively as we continue our work.

Lasallian Times

At the end of every year we publish a newsletter about all the projects that we have worked on. These contain the experiences of people who have volunteered. You can find the last 10 years’ worth of newsletters below

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