Computing (Artificial Intelligence)

BEng Computing (Artificial Intelligence)

4 Years | 150 Credits

This specialist stream of Computing focuses on Computing (Artificial Intelligence), and the development of computational and engineering models of complex cognitive and social behaviours.

What you study

Computing (Artificial Intelligence) is the intelligence exhibited by machines or software. It is also the name of the academic field of study which studies how to create computers and computer software that are capable of intelligent behavior.

AI research is highly technical and specialized, and is deeply divided into subfields that often fail to communicate with each other. Some of the division is due to social and cultural factors: subfields have grown up around particular institutions and the work of individual researchers.


Modules shown are for the current academic year and are subject to change in the future.

Your choice of modules and projects available may, to some extent, be restricted by the schedule of lectures and the availability of staff. It may also vary according to the degree specialism chosen.

CodeCourse NameCredit
Year-1: Semester 1
CS-101Programming I3
M-102Mathematical Methods3
Year-1: Semester 2
CS-102Discrete Mathematics3
CS-105Programming II3
CS-103Ethics in Computing 13
A-101Presentation Skills1
Year-1: Semester 3
CS-107Computational Architecture3
D-101Databases I3
CS-110Programming III3
CS-108Reasoning about Programs2
CS-112Programming Competition Training2
Year-2: Semester 1
CS-201Software Engineering Design3
CS-203Models of Computation3
CS-205C++ Introduction3
Year-2: Semester 2
CS-211Operating Systems3
CS-212Software Engineering - Algorithms3
Year-2: Semester 3
CS-215Networks and Communications3
CS-217Introduction to Artificial Intelligence3
CS-218Introduction to Prolog3
CS-219Computing Group Project2
CS-220Computational Techniques2
Year-3: Semester 1
CS-302Software Engineering Practice3
CS-303Machine Learning3
CS-305Management and Business for Computing Engineers3
CS-306Advanced Databases3
Year-3: Semester 2
CS-307Computer Vision3
CS-308Dynamical Systems and Deep Learning3
CS-310Simulation and Modelling3
CS-311Pervasive Computing3
Year-3: Semester 3
CS-312Systems Verification3
CS-314Logic-Based Learning3
CS-317Network and Web Security3
Year-4: Semester 1
I-400Industrial Placement – Presentation and Report10
P-400Individual Project3
Year-4: Semester 2
CS-401Computing in Space with OpenSPL2
CS-402Medical Image Computing2
CS-403Privacy Enhancing Techniques2
CS-405Advanced Issues in Object Oriented Programming3
Year-4: Semester 3
CS-410Cryptography Engineering3
CS-411Scalable Distributed Systems Design2
CS-412Large Scale Data Management2
CS-413Advanced Computer Graphics3
CS-415Parallel Algorithms3
CS-417Learning in Autonomous Systems2
Total Credits:150