Lasallian Projects supports developing communities by helping them to build permanent, educational facilities for local children. Each year we fund and manage at least 6 projects across the world, some of which may be spread over several years depending on their scale.

We provide people from the UK with the opportunity to go on a 5-week placement that runs from the early July to around 10th August. Volunteers work with local builders on the building site and stay with the local community during their time away. Due to current climate with covid, are 5 week projects are on pause, however we hope to run these projects again in the future, so please fill in our volunteer form if you wish to be contacted about future projects. This year we are running our first remote project to continue helping with communities we have worked with in the past. Plesae see below more information.

Our projects are funded by the generous donations of our supporters, who recognise the importance of education and of assisting those less fortunate than ourselves. These contributions are vital to ensure that the charity can continue with its work of providing children with the chance to succeed in life.

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Projects 2022 – Continuing Our Work in Uncertain Times

In 2022 Lasallian Projects will be launching its first remote project in Narosura, Kenya. We are looking to build a large permanent nursery classroom at St. Martha’s Primary School. The present building does not meet the demands of the climate or the 56 children, nor does it meet Government guidelines. The cost of the building is £8500 and Lasallian Projects has already secured £3000 of this. We are looking for support to help build this structure and you can do so by donating here. We hope that in the future we will be able to carry out more remote projects, but we plan to send more teams of young people when the pandemic situation improves.

About St. Martha’s Primary School

From 2012 to 2019 Lasallian Projects has worked in Narosura to help built St. Martha’s. There are still many more buildings needed to bring it to completion. The current nursey building is constructed from metal sheets, which means it is very cold in the morning and extremely hot by midday.

It is expected that an additional 40 children from the ages of 3 to 5 will be able to join an enlarged school. Currently some are turned away for lack of accommodation. The school will provide a sound education closer to people’s homes and about 40 children should transfer each year to the primary school on the same site. The proximity to homes in this very rural area means that travel problems, costs and security are greatly reduced. A larger school will also provide more teaching jobs which will benefit the community.

Essential Education

The need for education is as great as ever. During the pandemic many countries have gone backwards in terms of education provision and we are still in a position to offer support. As a charity we had to pause on sending groups in 2020 and 2021. 2022 is still doubtful but we have long established connections, we know the needs of the community and we can sponsor a project remotely without a group travelling.

We do not see remote projects as being a one off and we hope to run more of these, along with sending teams of young people away each year. To do this will be depending on the support of many people contributing whatever they are able, so if you can please donate today.

The Future

As soon as it is safe and possible, we plan to send teams of young people away to work on projects. Whilst it is uncertain whether this will happen in 2022, we are hopeful for 2023. If this opportunity sounds like something you or you know someone who would be interested in taking part then please get them to fill in our volunteer form, and we will be in touch.


Additional Project Work

In addition to the building projects describe above we also run outreach and teaching projects once a year. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, these are currently on pause, but if you are interested in participating in 2023, please fill out our volunteer form.

Outreach Groups

Most years see us running a three-week project which aims to cater for a wider age range. This project is organised on similar lines to the others but departs around 24th July for 3 weeks. The work is usually less intensive than the building projects and may involve refurbishment, painting, or an extension to an existing building. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the outreach group is not running in 2022, but if you are interested in participating in 2023, please fill out our volunteer form.

School Assistance Groups

Some of our groups travel for 5 weeks to give help in schools where the teachers, the students and the curriculum enable this to be a successful activity. These groups vary from 5 to 10 persons each, mostly people who have already had project experience. They travel to schools where classes may regularly number 50+ pupils and where facilities are in short supply. They tend to help with teaching English, Maths, Science, IT and sports. Living conditions and arrangements are like the building projects and sometimes take place in schools where we have previously built the classrooms. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, the school assistance groups is currently not running, but if you are interested in participating in 2023, please fill out our volunteer form.