Local Community Testimonials

“The projects bring together two parties of unequal economic standing. But mutual trust between the project team from Britain and the local community is a major secret of their success. The projects have helped us to sustain and revive our schools.” Head teacher, Ghana.

“It is very important for you and the people who support you in these projects, to know that their support has done wonders in the Olaimutiai area. The people are absolutely happy and proud of the achievement.” Local co-ordinator, Kenya.

“I shall not leave you to work alone. I’ll come and visit – we shall work together hand in hand.” Villager in Uganda to the group.

“What the project groups bring to an area is not just money or a building, but a caring enthusiasm that instils pride and hope in the local people that stirs that village out of a kind of lethargy created by the poverty of resources they must daily contend with as they try to create a better quality of life for themselves and their children. …. It has been a most enlivening experience to work with so many young and not so young volunteers over these past few years.” Head Teacher, Ethiopia.