I went on a project to RTU in India in 2008. It was the first time I went away by myself and the thought was daunting. I soon realised I had nothing to worry about. The pre project meeting was great as we got to know our group a bit. As soon as we set off it was obvious

Lasallian ran great projects. Our leaders had all the necessary info and we had local members in India meet us from the train and take us to our dwellings.

The whole experience is still one of the best in my life and helped shaped who I am today. I went on to do my diploma in tropical diseases so that I can nurse in resource poor settings. Since RTU I did two further projects and am keen to continue doing them periodically with my son.

Lasallian projects get you integrated with the local community so you can see a culture from within it, not watching on and wondering. We were well supported and looked after throughout and I forged friendships I know I’ll have for life.

I look forward to sending my children on projects when they are old enough as I know it will an unforgettable experience and one that they too will treasure for life.